How to order a corona test

Please note that you must book an appointment to take a carona test. We do not offer drop-in testing. If you have a Norwegian identification number (fødselsnummer eller D-nummer) you can order at test here. It is possible to order in english by selcting the language in the top menu. If you are a foreign national and do not have a Norwegian identification number you can order a koronatest by contacting one of our lokal doctor's offices:


Hemne Legekontor: 72 45 00 30                                                

Telephone hours:  8:15-11:00 and 12:30-15:00                            

Testing: weekdays starting at 13:30                                                  


Halsa Legekontor: 71 55 96 50

Telephone hours: 8:00 - 15:30

Testing: weekdays starting at 11:50


If you cannot reach the doctor's office you can also call our corona telephone at 476 37 255. Our corona telephone is open weekdays from 10:00-12:00.

The test if free if:

  • You have symptoms related to Covid-19
  • You can document that you have traveled into Norway from a foreign country as a tourist and must take a test i accordance with entry requirements
  • You are asked by the municipality av Heim to take a test because you may have been exposed to Covid-19


You or your employer must pay for a corona test if:

  • You are a foreign worker i Norway and testing is required in accordance with entry requirements
  • You are employed by a Nowegian or foreign company that requires testing

Testing i connection with international travel:

The municipality of Heim does not offer testing i connection with international travel. If you require this kind of testing we recommend that you contact a private testing facillity. Examples of private facilities include:


Test results

If you have a Norwegian identification number you can check you test results by logging in to 1-3 days after taking your test. You can also check test results for children under 16 years old. 

If you do not have a Norwgian identification number you must contact the testing station where you took your test for results. If you were tested upon arrival in Norway you may have received at information about how you can log on to Connect2Norway to retrieve your results.

If you test positive for coronavirus you will be contacted by the muncipalities tracing team (smittesporing).